Sunday 20 August 2017 – David’s Bennett’s Cross Circular Walk

The start was at Bennett’s Cross Car Park which is a lonely spot on a murky Dartmoor morning. Nevertheless there were fifteen walkers looking forward to the walk led by David. We took the road up to the Warren House Inn, peeled off on to the path beside and behind it and made for the cairn. The rain came early and waterproofs were a necessity from then on. From the Two Moors Way we entered Fernworthy Forest, temporarily losing a walker before coffee. With  a full complement, our route took us through a vale of statuesque trees, then an exit from the forest over a familiar stile, and on to Stannon Tor. Lunch was a subdued affair in the rain, close to the B3212. Afterwards we passed Runnage Farm, crossed Runnage Bridge, into Soussons, and then  to Challacombe Down and Challacombe Cottages. The route back was via Headland Warren Farm and Hookney,and  along a misty Two Moors Way. In the last half hour the rain was relentless, driven by strong wind, so it was fairly unpleasant, and we were glad to see the old cross. We were even more pleased to see the Warren House Inn further up the road, where we spent a pleasant hour in the warm and dry. Thank you David for a very enjoyable walk of 11 miles. The Dartmoor weather didn’t matter, we should be  used to it by now.