Saturday 23rd December – Rod & Maggie’s Christmas Walk

The day dawned dry but cloudy but, nevertheless, as the walk progressed the sun came out brightly and reflected off a deep blue coloured sea.

Our walk today was led by Rod and his wife Maggie. It commenced at the Arch by Paignton harbour. The routestook us past the harbour before turning left and following the road until we reached the park. Turning into the park we traversed the path to Goodington descending the slope to the promenade and walking along to the Inn on the Quay.

Here we turned right to join the main Brixham Road which we crossed and cut past the sports centre and then right along the path which borders the Veladrome. After about 150metres we turned right again up to the lakes. We walked alongside the lakes until we reached the end before turning round and retracing our steps back to Youngs Park and the Cantina where we halted paused for drinks.

Finally, we returned to the harbour in Paignton where the walk ended. Everyone enjoyed the walk especially the Christmas drinks and although it was not a very long walk (about 4 miles) it was a very pleasant way to spend a Saturday morning.