Wanda’s Torquay Circular – Saturday 30th December

Despite the awful weather  forecast 20 people turned up for Wanda’s final walk of 2017. As it happened we only had one very short and very light shower at the top of Great Hill and certainly not enough to dampen our spirits (or our clothes for that matter).

We started outside Sainsburys in St. Marychurch and our route took us down the hill towards Teignmouth Road which we crossed and followed until bearing off slightly to the left along the cut off to the foot of Steps Hill. From here we climbed the hill turning left at the top before turning right into Brunel Woods. Following the path through the woods we exited onto the road where we turned left until we reached the pathway on the right which would take us up to the top of Great Hill.

Climbing Great Hill on the muddy path and avoiding a fallen tree we came out at the top where we took a drinks break. This is reputedly the highest point in Torquay and allows fantastic views across the Bay and towards Haytor. Descending the far side of Great Hill we passed through a gate on the left and followed it down hill, through the estate before we reached Kingskerswell Road. Turning right along this road we came to a path on the left which took us down through another part of the estate until we reached the park adjacent to the roundabout near Sainsburys at the Willows. Crossing the road and turning right towards The Willows we diverted along the path on the left and through the field before re- entering the road near the turn off for Boots and descended the steps to M & S and Sainsburys.

We had lunch in the little area where there are seats after which we all went our own way home. This was a lovely 5 mile walk along paths that even I had not travelled along before and the weather remained fine until later on in the afternoon. On behalf of everyone who took part I would like to wish all our members a very happy 2018.