Wednesday 3 January 2018 – Betty’s Breezy Buckland Walk

This was the perfect walk to start the New Year. Setting off from Cold East Cross, led by Betty, the ten walkers were straight into a fierce Dartmoor wind, which blew the cobwebs away. Thanks to the wind, the going was tough over Buckland Common to Ruddycleave. There was some protection here and we enjoyed the respite as we made our way past Elliott’s Hill Farm to the Church of Saint Peter, Buckland on the Moor, for coffee and shelter. The church is famous for its clock and particularly the face, which was installed in 1930, as a gift from Mr William Whitley. The face is dedicated to the memory of his mother, and instead of numbers, reads My Dear Mother.  Next stop was Buckland Beacon, walking up the hill, then past  Bowden, and on to the Beacon itself, where the wind was howling, but the lovely old tor provided some shelter while we ate our lunch. It wasn’t the weather to be hanging around but we did have time to admire the Ten Commandments carved on the stones, and the refurbishment undertaken in 2017, a  funded project.  It was not exactly a pleasant stroll back to the cars, in the wind and sudden rain shower, but the views were good, and it was an exhilarating end to a beautiful  five mile walk, on this inspiring section  of Dartmoor.  We look forward to many more visits to the Moor in 2018. Than you Betty for a great walk.