Chris’s Loop Around the Lemon – 14th January

A dry day beckoned for the 21 walkers who met in Newton for todays walk, led by Chris.

We set off from the car park, through Baker’s Park and into the Bradley Valley, alongside the River Lemon. Lemon being a Celtic derivative of Elm, rather than any reference to the fruit. The river is 10 miles long, originates near Haytor and has been known to flood Newton Abbot, the ‘worst in living memory’ being December 1979 when it caused millions of pounds worth of damage to the town. It was caused by too much water in the Channel and Estuary which allowed the culvert to overflow.

Leaving the River finally we traversed field and path to find ourselves at West Ogwell Church for our tea break. Built in the 13th Century and now a grade 1 listed building, it is a redundant place of worship but currently in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust. It was used in the British Horror Film, ‘The Broadlands’.

Our route now took us through Denbury and along the lanes to Torbryan where we had lunch – some partaking of the warmth and hospitality of the Church House Inn. Those that viewed the Church found some interesting information provided inside regarding the history, back to the Wars of the Roses and the Reformation.

Back to the fields and lanes, our boots increasing in weight with Devon mud, we found ourselves outside HM Prison, Channings Wood.

Not far now as we passed through Denbury again, East Ogwell and eventually – after a quick tea break by the park, picked up the path down to Bradley Valley once more – the Lemon providing a welcome wash down for those clogged boots.

A great walk today, 12 miles, enjoyed by all.