Wednesday 17 January 2018 Adam and Denise’s Dartmouth Walk ( South West Coast Path and inland return route )

There were Six Walkers taking part today on a six to seven mile walk from Dartmouth which took in a spectacular section of the South West Coast Path towards Stoke Fleming and a return route via Jaw Bones Hill. The weather was better than expected as there certainly was a threat of perhaps a rather heavy rain shower at Lunch time – on our  way to Little Dartmouth

We were unable to rush various sections of footpath  as the ground had become saturated by the winter rains this month . In particular we successfully managed to walk down an extremely muddy steep field path from Little Dartmouth to Week Cottage, without any mishaps on the way.

The morning break was at Dartmouth Castle having walked from the Dartmouth Pontoon. Unfortunately the cafe was closed but there were tables and chairs which helped to make the coffee break that bit more comfortable!! We managed to find an excellent lunch spot where there was a timber picnic table with stunning views towards Torcross and beyond. ( Only suitable for eight people at a time ) Tea was taken at one of our favourite cafes, near the lower vehicle ferry.

Finally Denise gave an interesting talk about the 250 metre chain which was placed at the mouth of the River Dart as a means of defence in the 15th Century whilst Adam touched on certain aspects about Dartmouth and referred to George Parker Bidder the Civil Engineer & Thomas Newcomen noted for the Atmospheric Engine. Both these talks were given during the morning break at Dartmouth Castle.  By Adam Smith