Sunday 21 January 2018 -Mandy and Adam’s Walk to Blackpool Sands from Dartmouth.

A total of twelve people took part on Mandy and Adam’s walk to Blackpool Sands, via Little Dartmouth. The return route was via Riversbridge near Bowden and along a soggy and boggy bridleway to Worden. Much of the return journey was road walking which naturally made it possible to make good progress back having walked along a well churned up South West Coast Path.

The route before lunch time was via Warfleet and Dartmouth Castle ( Identical to last Wednesday’s walk ) and our first ascent of the day was Gallants Bower a fort which has an impressive view over Dartmouth and up river towards Dittisham

Coffee Break was taken fairly early on at Dartmouth Castle and our lunch stop was at Stoke Fleming, at the scenic village gardens, just short of thevillage church and the Green Dragon Inn. The Parish Church is dedicated to St Peter, a thirteen century building which underwent major reconstruction / restoration in 1871. However, everyone agreed that the weather forecast was in fact worse with heavy rainfall mid-afternoon but fortunately, this did not materialise. However visibility at Start Point Bay was somewhat modest. On the way down to the town centre, we walked down Crowther’s Hill and our afternoon tea stop was at the Bayard’s Cove Inn, near the Lower vehicle Ferry where we were all well looked after. Total distance almost ten miles. By Adam S