Saturday 27 January 2018 – Wanda’s Guns of Brixham Walk

The forecast for the day was for cloud and rain but nevertheless 22 people turned up for Wanda’s historical walk around Brixham and Berry Head. Before we set off Wanda had prepared an information sheet, which she handed out to everyone, pointing out some of the interesting items we would see, together with some historical notes about Brixham and its part in several important events in our history. We walked down towards the harbour along Fore St before stopping briefly by the replica of the Golden Hind and then to William of Orange’s statue. Then off we went along the side of the marina to the breakwater which we traversed right to the end and back, pausing at the point where the Americans set off for the D Day landings. As the path across the beach at the end of the breakwater was roped off we climbed up to the road and walked along to the point where the outdoor swimming pool is situated. Here we paused for a drinks break before regaining the road leading to the Berry Head Hotel. Taking the path on the left we climbed up the hill to the top and followed the tarmac path up to the fort where we had lunch. Some of the group went into the cafe for lunch while the rest of us who had carried our own packed lunch ate outside. The return route was via the holiday camp back to the bus station. By Rod Wilson.