Wednesday 7 February 2018 – Chris’s Berry Head Circular Walk

Seven members of the Club met at Berry Head on a very cold but sunny morning – so cold in fact that I considered shortening the walk. However once we had set off, we all warmed up enough to have a pleasant lunch stop at Mansands. The vegetation covering the lake seems to increase every time I see it and there is now a relatively small area of open water – I think eventually there will have to be some clearance.There was no evidence of anyone getting cold while going up the path to Hillhead! It is a long steep ascent – pretty tough in fact. Our afternoon coffee break was in a field near Southdown Cross. The actual spot on the ground was not all that attractive – quite a lot of old tyres on a mound – but there was a superb view of the whole of Brixham. One doesn’t realise how large the town is, if one normally only visits the harbour area. After what, in my opinion, was quite a demanding walk most of us enjoyed some refreshment at the Berry Head Café. It was greatly appreciated and, in any case, as the establishment stays open throughout the year, I think it deserves to be patronised. By Chris Hawes. (Sorry, on this occasion  no photographs were available).