Saturday 10 February 2018 – Andrew’s Churston to Maypool Circular Walk

Saturday’s walk was led by Andrew R and despite the awful weather and forecast 14 stalwart individuals turned up. This included 3 new walkers who had braved the elements in order to partake In one of  our rambles. Hopefully they were made to feel welcome and will come along again. Our route took us from Churston library down the hill to Broadsands and then over the downs to Elberry Cove. Crossing the beach we accessed the coastal path towards Brixham branching off to the right to navigate the path which took us around the Grove and on to America Lane. This once wooded area looked somewhat bleak  and desolate without the trees and it is sad to see how devastating disease can be. Thankfully plans are in hand to replant the area but it will be many years before the wood returns to normal. We continued through Churston where we had a drinks break before crossing the Brixham Road. We continued along Alston Lane and climbed the rocky path up the hill. At the top we crossed the road to Kingswear, climbed the stile and entered the field. Following the path across another stile we came to a tree under which we sheltered while we ate our lunch. At this point the weather got much worse and it was decided to cut the walk short.  It was unlikely that the direct path back to Churston would be open owing to the drain-off from the fields which usually means that up to 2 feet of water flows across the path with nowhere to avoid it, so we walked as far as Maypool and instead of turning left towards Greenway we turned right and followed the road back to the starting point. In all this was a 7.3 mile walk and in good weather it is one of my favourites, however despite the rain and the wind we enjoyed it and look forward to better weather next time. By Rod W