Saturday 24th February – Paul’s Galmpton Gallop

Our Saturday Walk this week was lead by Paul S and took us into some territory that most of us had not walked on before. At the start of the walk 36 people turned up outside the Manor Inn at Galmpton and one walker joined us at Dittisham making 37 in all.
From the pub we walked downhill through the village, turning left along the road towards Galmpton Creek. From here we followed the path and crossed the beach before climbing up to the farm. At the farm we turned right and walked along the road towards Greenway and down to the Dittisham Ferry. The ferryman must have thought his luck had changed with such a large group and he had to make several crossings to get us all to Dittisham
Ascending the steep hill from the ferry  we turned left and after a few metres right up a track to take advantage of the fine views which offer themselves to those who take the trouble to make the effort. At this point we had a drinks break. From this point here onwards we were on “new” territory for most of us. Retracing our steps we turned left at the junction of two tracks and followed this for about ½ mile entering and crossing a field before we came to a road. At this point we turned left and after a few hundred yards turned right down a long, descending track at the bottom of which we turned right and climbed a steep field. At the top we stopped for lunch in the shelter of a tall hedge which protected us from the cold wind. There were glorious views from this vantage point overlooking the Dart.
After lunch we continued along the path, across another field and dropped down into Dittisham. It was planned for us to have a drinks break at the pub at this end of the village but as we had only just finished lunch most of the group decided to descend into the village and catch the ferry to Greenway and home.
It was a lovely walk which everyone seemed to enjoy and well worth the effort of turning out on a cold day.