Gail’s Corndon Circular – Sunday 22nd April

After the hottest April week on record cooler temperatures met the group of 18 today as we gathered at Bel Tor Corner for Gail’s walk. It was good to be back on the moor and the fresher air was very welcome.

A climb initially to Corndon Tor raised our temperatures and outer layers were soon removed. A stone was added to the cairn in memory of Bob Harris.

A tea stop was chosen lower down away from the breeze before we set off again towards Pizwell Common.

Normally more of a bog than a common, it was surprisingly dry today after the ‘heatwave’ and views to our left of Bellever Tor were quite stunning. We crossed the ford approaching the farm with little trouble today and enjoyed our lunch amongst the gorse bushes, smelling lovely as Spring starts to reach Dartmoor, a welcome sight after this long winter.

Luckily, nothing more than spots of rain as our walk continued through Babney and eventually followed the route back to Bel Tor, passing the memorial cross to our left, today the object of some interest to a small troop of llamas. Never a dull moment on a TBR walk!

Just over 9 miles in all and a lovely welcome from the Landlord of the Tavistock Inn where we temporarily employed his full supply of tea-pots – luckily the pub was quiet with no other demand on them.