Rod Maggie’s Totnes to Ashprington Circular – Saturday 21st April


The day dawned grey and drizzly but this did not prevent 22 people from turning up for our walk from Totnes to Sharpham and Ashprington, returning via the cycle track.

We set off in a light rain but after about ½hour the sun put its hat on and it stayed with us for the rest of the walk. Leaving Steamer Quay we turned left to cross the bridge and left again to walk along The Plains passing the old converted warehouses (which used to be served by a horse drawn railway) before turning right up the hill to the beginning of the tarmac path to our left which we took and climbed up the hill to the point where the path divides.

Taking the left track we descended down the zig-zag and followed the lower track before entering the wood. As we emerged from the wood the sun came out so we hurriedly removed our rain gear and continued along the track. We were very surprised at the lack of real mud as we traversed the woods which was really nice having been clogged with the stuff in recent weeks.

Crossing a couple of fields we eventually re-joined the cycle track and had a drinks break. Ignoring the right turn of the cycle track which climbs steeply up hill we continued along the lower track taking in spectacular views of the River Dart until we reached Sharpham vineyard. Here we stopped for lunch in bright, warm, sunshine gazing down towards the river.

Having partaken of Sharpham’s hospitality we climbed up the hill and at the top started to drop down into Ashprington. One or two of us went into the church before returning back up the hill and turning left onto the cycle track back to Totnes.

In all a very pleasant 6 mile walk in beautiful spring like weather – fabulous.

Rod W