DAY THREE – The Brecon Waterfall Walk 

Our second day of walking, another sunny one of course,  was a circular ” Waterfall Walk” in the south west Brecon Beacons National Park. The Coach dropped approximately  30 walkers off at the Angel Inn PONTNEDFECHAN  The highlight of the walk itself was SGWD YR EIRA – this waterfall has been rated by the Daily Telegraph as one of the fifteen best waterfalls in Great Britain.

The main waterfalls which were on our route included SGWD GWLADUS Waterfall ( The Lady Falls )  which had an impressive plunge pool on the NEDD FECHAN RIVER where the morning break was taken and the most magical of all in the area the SGWD YR EIRA ( Welsh for the fall of snow), one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Britain. This waterfall is on the HEPSTE RIVER.

We were grateful for the lack of rain lately when we had descended the 170 steps prior to walking behind this beautiful waterfall on the public footpath. Extreme care was needed over the somewhat slippery rocks even so. The sunlight on these falls was simply magical with the trees in full foliage, at four in the afternoon when we finally reached the long awaited Falls.

The route was initially on a wide track following the river in the woods to SWWD GWLADUS waterfall, where we had our short break just after 11.00, then up NEDD FECHAN RIVER which involved some rather difficult walking to PONT RHYD Y CNALL for a lunch stop by the AFON NEDD FECHAN. We then followed footpaths to the CWM PORTH INFORMATION CENTRE and after an hour or so walking following  the AFON MELTE, we came to the magical  AFON HEPSTE and SGWD YR EIRA waterfall still glorious sunshine. We then followed footpaths  back to PONTNEDFECHAN.  Certainly a most memorable walk!!

Full marks to Carole C in leading today’s walk, with Hilary’s support as the back marker for the day, ably assisted by John the Gate and Barry the Post.  Mention should also be made of our driver, Brian, for being so patient with the tardy group, offering to ask the Marriott Hotel to reschedule dinner until 2000 hours, as this walk was a strenuous one which just could not be rushed, particularly on such a glorious afternoon. How a programmed 8.5 miles turned into 10.5 we will never know, but nonetheless the group held up well over terrain which was challenging and a scramble at times.

This walk can be followed  on O S Map OL12 BRECON BEACONS.

Adam S