Friday 15 June 2018 – Chris’s Cockington Walk

On a World Cup Friday night seventeen walkers circumnavigated the world of Cockington. Chris led the walk in place of Helen, who was unable to be there. It was a walk in two parts with half time spent in the village itself, – admiring the Visitor Centre, the improvements to the lakes, and the rose garden. It was a good place to be on such a fine and dry June evening. The grounds in the deserted thatched village were looking neat and tidy, thanks to the work of all its volunteers, including our very own Mandy and Adam. Another rambler, a cheerleader for the present, was there to greet us at the centre of the figure of eight. This little jewel of Torquay is full of paths, through meadow land and woods. We only had time to explore 4 miles of them, before adjourning to the Drum Inn for drinks. Thanks Chris for leading, and Helen for the plan and the route.