Hilary’s Fish Supper Walk – Friday 29th June

Another glorious summer evening in this wonderful heatwave for the 17 walkers who went on this walk tonight. Ten of them enjoyed a fish supper at Hanbury’s in Babbacombe before meeting on the Downs.

Hilary led, initially down towards Oddicombe, where the trainee sail boats were becalmed on the gently lapping blue waters without a breath of wind – wonderful for us but perhaps not the excitement that a budding sailor prefers.

We turned south and took the coast path around to the Carey Arms and continued behind it on the SW Coast Path.  Eventually we emerged onto the open common where the evening sun bathed everything in a deep orange glow – truly lovely. A picture stop here before we passed above Anstey’s Cove, turning inland eventually to pick up the path around Walls Hill, back to Babbacombe.

A lovely 4 mile walk on an evening that displayed this area of Torquay at it’s very best.

A nightcap followed for most,  at Route 16, in the garden where it was still warm until past 9pm.