Jim’s Plan B Walk from Totnes – Sunday 1st July

The heatwave had to break some time and it did just that today – initially anyway.

Seven turned up in the rain at Totnes, the plan had been to head for Princetown but with a yellow weather warning there, it was decided the safer bet would be to follow the Dart to Tuckenhay.

The showers turned out to be continual rain until tea break as we walked through Totnes to Baltic Wharf, once a thriving timber yard owned by Reeves,  importing timber from the Baltic. In the 1990’s it became a run-down and under-utilised 26 acre brown- and green-field riverside site. Planning permission was granted in 2009 for the Baltic Wharf Luxury Homes Development, which is still under construction and has transformed the area.

Locals may remember Pete Goss and his ill-fated but ambitious catamaran project with ‘Team Phillips’. It was built at the Wharf in the late 90’s and drew large crowds on launch day but sadly it was abandoned in a freak storm in the  Atlantic in 2000 and never retrieved.

We followed much of the Dart Valley trail, admiring the wending river and rolling hills emerging from stormy skies today. Ashprington’s play park and welcome Wendy-House provided tea break shelter today and the rain eventually ceased as we walked through Ashprington down to Bow Bridge, past the Waterman’s along to Tuckenhay and The Maltsters Arms.

Crossing the bridge towards Bow Creek we sought a place for lunch and found a perfect spot beside the creek – in the sunshine!

With 5 miles under our belts already we decided a turnaround was due at this point and we took the lower path along the river for a while before emerging back in Tuckenhay.

A long hill walk back to Ashprington, now very warm, ensued and we agreed that cold drinks in the pleasant sunshine at Sharpham Cafe were in order, before we returned on the Musgrave Trail back to Totnes, along the river.

Almost 11 miles completed by the intrepid seven and finished in glorious sunshine – oh the British weather – don’t we love it?!