John M’s Newton to Denbury Circular – Saturday 16th June

The day started  cloudy with a bit of drizzle in the air for John M’s circular walk from Newton Abbot to Denbury. 19 set off as the rain began to get a little heavier, however it did not last too long and soon we were walking in fine weather and later on in sunshine.
We took the path near Asda and soon entered the grounds of Bradley Manor. After about a mile or so we stopped for a drinks break before continuing along the river bank until reaching a road. Here we turned left up the hill, taking a path across several fields to reach West Ogwell Church, where some of the group entered for a quick look inside – one of our members climbing into the pulpit  to deliver a sermon (not enough time today though).
We then walked to the village of Denbury for lunch in the church yard (except those who went into the pub!) and eventually taking another road out of the village we passed the prison on our way back to the river.
Rather than the direct route back to Newton, we walked on the higher path through the woods to The Puritans Pit, before descending steeply to pick up the return path.
It turned out to be an interesting day (as all of Johns walks seem to be) –  enjoyed by all.
Rod W