Anne-Marie’s Saturday Walk to Galmpton – 21st July

Thirteen walkers and two dogs turned out for this weeks amended walk. They were lucky with the weather again – humid but dry. Setting off from Churston library to Broadsands beach, then past Churston farm up across the golf course.

A coffee stop was taken on the green in the village where it was decided that having not asked Lupton if we could use their footpath, it would be preferable to head up Alston Lane instead. At the top, we carefully negotiated the main road and crossed the stile into the fields where we appreciated the stunning view across the whole of the bay.

Continuing along the John Musgrave trail, we soon found ourselves at our all time favourite lunch stop, on the log overlooking the dart valley towards Dartmouth. After lunch, we headed down to Galmpton Creek, through the village and up on to Churston common where a bus to Torquay pulled directly up for some walkers to step on board. A great walk. Thank you to everyone who turned out.


Anne-Marie C