Teresa’s Noss Mayo Circular – Sunday 5th August

11 walkers out today – men outnumbering the women second week in a row (says our John Le Gate).  Another glorious day and a relaxed walk to be undertaken.

We set off from the tennis courts, bypassing the pub to head for The Warren. Spectacular views out to the Great Mewstone and the Rame Peninsula (Cornwall) were enjoyed, along with Bigbury and Burgh Island (but no sighting today of the Eddystone Lighthouse).

Walking on in the sunshine, we spotted a cute cottage tucked away along the coast path. We went on to Revelstoke Drive and time for a break in the shade here.

Let’s head down to Stoke Beach for a dip‘ … spontaneous suggestion from the TBR crew!

Swimwear not required for some members … cue Adam in his pants! Those of a sensitive disposition please avoid the photo gallery.

Christian takes the sensible option for shade, sun not being quite the novelty in his part of the world…mad dogs and englishmen he was heard to mutter, en francais of course.

We returned to the path over to Carswell Farm before heading inland and Brookings Wood to the car park.

Let’s pop over to the Pop-up tea rooms’ – another spontaneous suggestion, it must be the heat (thank you to the ladies and Friends of Noss Mayo Village Hall)

10 miles of scenic wonder and sunshine in the South Hams once again.

Thanks toTeresa on this occasion – her first led walk.

Points of Interest:-

Noss Mayo lies South of the Yealm Estuary, with Newton Ferrers to the North a stunning estuary – rolling wooded hills/lower trees dipping branches into tidal waters, protected from Channel storms – good location for novice sailors

Mewstone Rock – Black Bess – Her father was sentenced to the rock to serve time for petty crime before heading back to the mainland. Black Bess stayed, married and had three children … not altogether clear how she came to meet her husband and give birth to three children on a chunk of stone but who are we to question folklore

Eddystone Lighthouse … built by Trinity House in 1882, the fourth lighthouse to mark the small but dangerous Eddystone Rocks, 13 miles south west of Plymouth

Gara Point locally known as Revelstoke Drive … Lord Revel (Baron Revelstoke, if you please) of Membland in the County of Devon, title in the Peerage, created in 1885 for the businessman Edward Baring, head of the family firm of Barings Bank and a member of the Baring family.

Blackstone Point and Smeaton’s Tower … memorial to celebrated civil engineer John Smeaton, designer of the aforementioned Eddystone Lighthouse

St Peter’s Church (built 14th Century for worship and landmark for shipping)

Burgh Island and Bigbury Bay … say no more

Stoke Point &  Stoke Beach  – swim stop

Revelstoke Drive … gateway to the coast path

Jules O’N.S