Rod & Maggie’s Wednesday Extra – 12th September

This was an additional Wednesday walk not schedule in the programme, led by Rod and Maggie W. 6 people turned up at the Princess Theatre for the 5½ mile amble (one more joined us at Daddyhole).

We set off alongside the harbour before climbing up past The Imperial Hotel and taking the Rock End Walk path to Daddyhole Plain. Descending the stops at the far end to Meadfoot beach, we  climbed through Lincombe Woods to Lincombe Drive.  We passed the folly on the corner, enjoying the wonderful views down the valley to the far end of Meadfoot Beach.

Taking a gated footpath, we descended through the weeds to Kent’s Cavern. then over the old playing field to the start of Bishops Walk,  which we followed until  Marine Drive.

We stopped for lunch in the shelter opposite Thatcher Rock and then continued around Marine drive back to Meadfoot. Taking St Marks Road to our left and bearing right we crossed the road and took the footpath through St Johns Wood. At the end of this path we entered Vane Hill and descended the steps, eventually to the Devon Arms and back to the Strand where the walk ended.

It was a lovely walk although the weather did its best to spoil it at times with almost constant light rain and drizzle.


Rod W