Andrew’s Galmpton Gallop in the rain – Saturday 22nd September

The forecast for the day was for continuous rail, heavy at times, and blustery wind.
Nevertheless 8 stalwart souls turned up at Churston library for Andrew’s 7 mile circular to Greenway. This time Andrew decided to reverse the walk with the intention of finishing  by climbing up from Broadsands beach.
Crossing the main road, we descended into Galmpton and took the Stoke Gabriel Road before turning left to Galmpton Creek, passing the old kiln and some lovely red berries which none of us could name (suggestions to Rod please).
At the beach we climbed the style and the large field, taking care not to disturb the cattle which were, seemingly, unperturbed by the weather, quietly nibbling away at the grass while keeping a watchful eye on our progress.
Passing the farm  we climbed over the style and crossed the road into the woods. Still climbing we left the woods and crossed the field before turning left over the next field to where we would normally have our lunch sitting on the log, admiring the lovely view down the River Dart towards Dartmouth and Kingswear.
However as the photo shows these views were mostly obliterated by the pouring rain. We decided to have a drinks break under the trees which turned out to be a mistake as we got just as wet under the canopy as we would have done  standing in the open!
We continued our walk through Maypool and took the path which eventually led us to the road to Kingswear. Crossing the road, we took  the permissive path down to Lupton House where we had a short lunch.  At this point we were all very wet and decided to end the walk at the bus stop, catching the bus back to our starting point or beyond.
Wet? yes we were all very wet – soaked in fact, miserable? Not on your life. Throughout the walk we managed to engage in our usual banter and cheeriness and afterwards that lovely feeling of doing something we love in the most diabolical of conditions. A challenge? yes,  but worth every step. Such is rambling.
Rod W