Chris’s Kingskerswell – Daccombe Walk – Wednesday 7th November

After a pretty awful forecast, the weather on the day was not bad: there was some rain but quite a bit of sunshine too. A group of ten assembled eventually, after the closure of Torquay seafront had caused considerable delay to the bus service. Conditions underfoot were good and we enjoyed the scenery of steep-sided valleys in this area. Haccombe House appears to have been cleaned fairly recently and looked resplendent in the sun, despite Pevsner’s description of it as ‘ a nondescript Georgian structure’, Members found Haccombe Church interesting.

Earlier in the year the church would have been open on the very day we arrived, and the same walk may be arranged next summer to include a visit to it. I think members were intrigued to find that the church was under the auspices of an archpriest, who is not accountable to the Bishop of Exeter but to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

After the very picturesque scenery, we went along the well-known Milber Lane through the ‘industrial section’ of the walk and had unusual and, I think, interesting views of the Zig-Zag Quarry off the Kingskerswell road. We finished with a stop at ‘The Sloop’ pub, which despite looking a bit like a gin-palace (I know because I can see it at night from my home), has quite an agreeable ambience.

All in all a much pleasanter walk than we might have expected, of around 7 miles.

Chris H