Club Christmas Walk – Sunday 16th December

An optimistic group of  17 Elves and Santas set off with Karen from Churston today, hoping the showers would be light.

We walked through Links Close and down the lane past the Golf Course to Broadsands Beach where the conveniences were convenient, if not very clean.

Back up over the hill now, with views across the Bay and down towards Elberry Cove, but not before an Elf took a tumble – luckily on soft ground owning to the day of heavy rain yesterday.

As we crossed the shingled Elberry Beach, the rain came, unfortunately, but not before we had spied Lord Churston’s Bath House. Built for his ailing wife to partake of the healing salt water in a  pool that rose through a hole in the floor. It was originally a pilchard smokehouse, three storeys high with a thatched roof, but has become dangerous over recent years and is no longer accessible to the public.  The public today gave it a wide berth and scurried into the woods for shelter.

Also of note here, the mussel beds, the pots bobbing in the sea in the distance. The famous Elberry Mussels are served in London Mayfair’s Hawksmoor Restaurant and listed as having ‘an excellent chilli taste that tingles on the tongue’.

Our path took us now through the woods to Churston Cove, where Sammy the Seal was spotted circling in the waters and growing ever fatter it seems. The rain being no problem for him, of course.

Onward to Brixham then and a planned lunch stop by the Breakwater was abandoned in favour of shelter, if not seating, at the harbourside while some bought hot food to warm themselves.

Karen decided at this point to about turn and walk back through Battery Gardens into the woods again,  taking part of the John Musgrave Trail back  to Churston.

Once de-booted, the group made their way to Karen’s house where two further guests arrived and mulled wine, mince pies and nibbles  were enjoyed by all.

The raffle was a great success and most went home full of Christmas cheer and prizes.

Thank you to all who turned out today, for helping with the catering (Hilary and Savvy particularly)  and for everyone, who I hope enjoyed yet another Torbay Rambling Club Christmas Walk, even if a little shorter (and wetter!) than normal, at a mere 6 miles.

Karen H