Rod and Maggie’s Cockington Ramble – Saturday 22nd December

This Saturday Christmas walk was one of those  where people join and leave at various points along the way
and the stroll ended up with 31 walkers.
Most of us met up at the Princess Theatre and others joined us along the route. Walking along the prom we met quite a few other people who were out to enjoy the fine, sunny weather (for the most part) before we dropped down to walk along the lower path as far as Corbyn Head.
A little further on we crossed the main road and turned right up Cockington Lane and entered the Water Meadows. As we entered the village we turned left up the hill adjacent to the forge and walked to Cockington Court (I wonder how long it will be before gravity hauls it from its roots, bringing it down) where we stopped for drinks.
After this we gathered again and spied Father Christmas in his carriage pulled by a white horse. Returning via the lakes we re-entered the Water Meadows and retraced our route back to the Theatre. As we walked along the prom again we noticed a number of birds on the water and further along the sand artist had been busy creating a wonderful pattern on the beach.
This was not a long walk but we all enjoyed it and the early finish was much appreciated by those people who still had a lot to do before the Christmas festivities.
Rod & Maggie W