Helen’s Cockington Walk – Saturday 12th January

There were 32 ramblers and 2 dogs in Torre Abbey Gardens today for Helen’s walk around Cockington. Two other walkers joined en route to make 34 in total.

We proceeded out of Torre Abbey Gardens crossing Avenue Road then walked along Walnut Road, through St Matthews Park and then partly down Vicarage Hill into Cockington.  We then took a short cut – the path  leading into the water meadows – and crossed Cockington Lane towards the lakes where we had coffee.

Another rambler joined us at this point.  We then took the path from the Gamekeepers Cottage to Warren Barn where we were joined by Chris Hawes.  We then crossed the road at the top following the paths around passing the Apple Orchard and well beyond.   We came out at the bottom of the Nut Bush Lane end of Cockington.   We then did a short 20 minute loop before we re-joined the path going over a stile through the bottom field and then to the main road back into Cockington Village.   Lunch was taken by some in Cockington Court and others in the grounds near the cricket pavilion.  A short walk back along the water meadows to the main road completed our walk.

Helen U