Sunday 17 February 2019 – Hilary’s Totnes Linear Walk

Totnes to Torquay is a tried and tested walk but very popular. 17 of us started from the bus stop at Morrisons and 8 of us finished at the Drum for afternoon tea. I managed to lose 9 people on route, but they left of their own accord and not from any lack of care or concentration on my part.
The first part of the walk is all up hill but it is the only significant hill on the walk, which goes through Berry Pomeroy and Marldon, passing Occombe Farm and down into Cockington. It was not cold, we had a shower to start, however once that blew through it was very pleasant day. Wild flowers were abundant. dogs mercury, snowdrops (which brought on a rendition of the song ‘a few of my favourite things’ by Dana), periwinkles and primroses. Lots of birds were identified and a few 4 legged beasts as well
The track was for the most part dry and easy going except for one place which was particularly wet this time. One walker ploughed through the middle of it and went in almost over his boots, another couple slipped in to again, almost over their boots, but a few walkers climbed a hedge and found a more secure footing that way. There was a very entertaining few moments when Maggie walked along the bottom of a gate. Bets were on as to whether she would make it. She did. Well done that woman. Later there was an opportunity to wash our very muddy footwear.
The day was very easy and relaxed, with lots of opportunity for a chuckle or two, we welcomed a new member to the club and 3 people who were on their first Sunday walk. Thank you everyone making the day a good one.

By Hilary B