Wednesday 10 April 2019 – Conservation Day at Ramshorn Down

What an enjoyable day! Nine members of the Club took part in conservation work at Ramshorn Down, near Bickington, along with a volunteer warden and another member of the team.As usual we were supervised by Bill Allen, the Dartmoor Ranger, with responsibility for this area. Our job was to put in cross drains and level the surface on a stretch of footpath, bridle path, and farmers track below Ramshorn Down. This was very satisfying work and an opportunity to contribute to the maintenance and upkeep of the National Park, and those all important footpaths. Time passed quickly working together, and the task was made simpler by the provision of shiny new fangled wheelbarrows. Ramshorn, with its panoramic view was a new area for most of us and the walk up to the summit afterwards was very rewarding. There will be another conservation day soon. Keep an eye out for details.