Andrew’s Anstey’s Cove Circular – Saturday 20th April

It was a fine, warm and very sunny day and 17 walkers turned up at Watcombe Beach car park for Andrew’ s walk to Ansteys Cove and back.

We started off by taking the lane down towards Watcombe beach before turning right up a path and climbing up the wooded hillside. Part way up we took the right hand fork and a bit later the left hand one to follow the coast path towards St Marychurch. Passing the golf course we took the road to the roundabout where we turned left and then left again down the slope which brought us to the half way point of the cliff railway. Passing under the railway we descended to the bottom of the hill at which point we had a much needed drinks break. Continuing towards the Cary Arms and climbing the hill we took the path up to the Babbacombe Downs. Crossing the Downs we reached the path which descends behind The Range to reach the Babbacombe Rd where we turned left and left again to walk down towards Ansteys Cove.

After descending the road to the cove we had lunch and took in the view of the cove and its many visitors, including a rather expensive looking power boat which was moored in the bay. After lunch we climbed back up the road and took the steps on our right up Walls Hill and re-crossed the Downs to Babbacombe sea front. At this point most of the group left the walk leaving only 4 people to take the road back to Watcombe Beach car park.

This was a lovely 7 mile walk in beautiful weather passing through some really nice Devon coastal paths.

Andrew R