Wednesday 1 May 2019- Walking along the River Lemon and footpaths and lanes to Denbury


A total of seven walkers turned up for Denise and Adam’s Walk from Newton Abbot Decoy Carpark. We all headed off to Old Totnes Road which is just past St Mary’s Church which overlooks the town. Having crossed the main road out of the town to Totnes at Bradley Lodge, we followed the course of the River Lemon past the National Trust House, Bradley House, into the woods where there was much evidence that the Spring Season was well underway as the trees were no longer bare. Just past the concrete footbridge at Ogwell Mill we took our morning break and continued further up the river.

On the way to Denbury we walked across several fields including one with a very clear notice ” Beware of the Bull ” Much to our relief the cattleĀ  did not take the blindest bit of notice of us crossing their field!! Before lunch we briefly visited West Ogwell Church. The church itself is a grade one Listed Building and was built in the 13th century. We were able to look inside. It is worth noting that it is a redundant church which is under the care of The Churches Conservation Trust. On the approach to Denbury there was an opportunity to “shop” as there were tables set up selling local produce such as eggs, jams etc, outside people’s gardens . Lunch was taken at Denbury at Denbury Village Green and we sat at picnic benches provided by the Union Inn.

Apart from Denbury Fort, there is St Mary the Virgin Church a 12th century Church There is also Denbury House. The large and substantial stone wall which is clearly visible along the road to the green was built by Walter Curtis about 1912 to 1914.

Our return route was via East Ogwell and down Mill lane to the Ogwell Mill footbridge and we followed the River Lemon downstream past Bradley House and made our way back via St Mary’s Church with its pretty church yard. Finally Denise and Adam have to thank Kata very much for helping us with the pre walk in April.
Denise M & Adam S