Barry & Sal’s Friday Fish Foray – 19th July


After a rather damp, dreary day, nine Torbay Ramblers met for a fish ‘n’ chip supper at Paignton Pier. Once the appetites were sated, one more walker joined the group, as we set off along the SWCP, through Preston into Hollicombe Park.

After crossing the busy Torquay Road, the route ascended gently up the recently strimmed path, overlooking the valley. At the top of this track one lady member of the group, on spotting an unseasonably early blackberry, decided to sample the fruit. Her facial expression said it all, and the image was captured on camera!

The path then quickly emerged onto the old Paignton Road, and after crossing here, we navigated a stile on the opposite side, to follow the path into Scadson Woods. Fortunately the inclement weather from earlier in the day had abated considerably, to be replaced by the occasional short lived shower.

The rather grey and threatening skies did however render the woodland somewhat dim and murky. This didn’t seem to deter ‘the terrific ten’ from enjoying their stroll along this lower path beside the brook. At the half way point of our exploration, and at the junction where the path splits three ways, our return journey went up a steep slope. Then we turned left, to wander over the undulating higher track above the stream, to rejoin the old Paignton Road.

It was at this point that an unusual garden feature was spotted alongside the highway, and one of the ladies posed for a picture. A goblin’s entrance to a hidden tunnel?  Bilbo Baggins holiday home? Puzzled we were.

Onwards then, eventually along the sea-front, where it was high tide. Finally we reached our destination at the Boathouse, with everyone feeling very warm because of the humid conditions.

Much hilarity followed once seated with our nightcaps, when our French guest, Christian, endeavoured to repeat Cockney Rhyming Slang in his French accent, whilst mimicking John’s Brummie one.  Confusion reigned!

Thanks to all for making the four mile walk so enjoyable, in spite of the gloomy weather forecast.

Sal and Barry.