Andrew’s Teign River Walk – Saturday 14th September

It was a warm sunny morning as we gathered under the  Penn Inn flyover for Andrew R’s walk along the River Teign.

23 undertook the walk, including 3 prospective members. We set out along the path adjacent to the river before crossing the busy A380 via the overbridge and then through the edge of the estate and into the woods.

As most of you will know this walk along the river can only be undertaken 2 hours either side of low tide so a careful check of tide tables was necessary.  We spotted an injured bird which did its best to hide away from us but had nowhere to go. On the other side of the river trains rushed along carrying their passengers and freight to and from the West Country making one realise just how devastating the loss of this pretty and vital line would be.

We continued along the river and eventually reached Coombe Cellars,  where we sat on the wall for lunch. After lunch we left the river and took the inland path over the fields and lanes, to Netherton and on down through Milber Woods back to our starting point.

A most enjoyable walk in good company on a mostly bright sunny day.

Rod W