John M’s Newton Circular – Saturday 9th November

For the third Saturday in a row we were confronted with torrential rain but despite this, 8 gathered at Newton Abbot bus station for John M’s walk along the River Lemon and round to Highweek, a distance of approximately 5 miles.

We set off in heavy rain but after a short distance it eased and  eventually ceased. We followed the River Lemon, passing Asda to the park.

The path now alongside the river which was in full flow, gushing over the weir and in several places had flowed onto the path. We picked our way through the puddles and stopped for a drinks break on logs beside the path.

At this time of year nature is awash with glorious greens, reds and browns and in some places gold. After our break we continued along the river bank to the road, eventually taking the turn towards Highweek. Despite the gradient, the volume of water flowing down the road made it seem like a river.

When we reached the Ashburton Road, we crossed to Mile End Road which we followed all the way to Highweek village. Here we stopped for our lunch break at the back of Highweek Church, with wide open views across Newton Abbot. Church bells heralded our approach and the sun was shining, birds were singing and we had benches to sit on while we ate our lunch.

After lunch we took a different route through the village and back to the bus station. A lovely walk, resplendent with autumn colours, along a raging river, in convivial company. What more could anyone want?

Rod W