Stephen’s Brixham to Greenway Circular – Sunday 24th November

A lucky 13 set off from Higher Brixham with Stephen C today, his first led walk for the TBRC, walking initiallly back to Churston Woods and past the Churston Manor Inn. Somewhere we will revisit in a few weeks for our Christmas Walk.

We took the road towards the common but turned off after Green Lane to head for the main Brixham Road, which we followed to Churston Bridge. A helpful underpass here took us safely to Greenway Road which we followed, past Churston School, to Galmpton.

The two villages, Churston and Galmpton are both of Saxon origin. Galmpton, having originally been the junior of the two, has expanded considerably since World War II. Churston Ferrers, which was the seat of the Lord of the Manor and the site of the mother church, has not expanded in anything like the same way.

Churston Ferrers is situated on a limestone plateau, its church less than ½ mile from the sea. Cryric tun is the original name of Churston, meaning a farm settlement by the cross.

Galmpton, called Gafols-man-tun, meaning a farming community of ‘rent paying peasantry’, is more secretively tucked away within an indentation of the Dart catchment, at the base of the rising upland to the south.

A quick photo-stop at the old lime kiln, carefully restored in 2004 with later addition of a new information board displaying text by John Risdon, before we reached the Creek for a welcome tea-break. Once a hive of industry,building trawlers for Brixham and Ramsgate, the waters of the creek were very calm and the area quiet,  on this murky but mild Sunday morning.

Our route then took us uphill towards Greenway, once the home of course of Torbay’s Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie. Stephen decided lunch would be in our familiar spot, the log-over-the-river-Dart, where a low mist brought the only rain of the day, short-lived though it was.

The homeward trek now through the lanes and over green fields to Alston Lane which we followed, passing behind Lupton House before emerging to cross the busy Brixham Road once again.

Back through Churston Village, disrupted with roadworks today, and the muddy path around Churston Woods to Battery Gardens once again.

A pleasant 9 miles today. Thanks to Stephen C