Chairman’s Message – 23rd April 2020

Dear Members,

In my last report to you I outlined the difficult position we were in following the outbreak of the coronavirus (covid 19). Over the last few weeks the situation has not improved and we are in a lock-down state which at present shows no signs of easing. As a result, our walks programme and our social events will continue to remain on hold.

On the positive side your committee has compiled a full programme of walks and social events, ready to implement as soon as it is safe to do so. At the time of writing we can only estimate when this will be, but rest assured that everyone will be contacted at the earliest possible date to let you know that “business has resumed”.
Let us hope that it will not be too far away. The committee are keeping options open for the September trip to Shropshire, but unless the situation improves dramatically this will have to be cancelled or postponed until next year.

I do hope that those of you who wish to do so are enjoying the fine sunny weather we have had over the last few days. Working in the garden or on your house or doing what Maggie and I do and taking a nice walk every day in the fresh air and feeling lucky to live in this beautiful part of Britain. Let us not forget that in some countries you need a permit to go out once a week to shop and this permit is checked by the local police. Hopefully we will not reach that sorry state of affairs in this country.

We are all facing challenging times and all we can do is to adapt to whatever the conditions throw at us. The important thing is to follow the government guidelines until such time as the restrictions are lifted.

Keep well, stay safe and enjoy whatever you can. Face the future with a positive attitude, put a smile on your face and embrace whatever this dreadful virus throws at us. I am sure that in the end we will defeat Covid 19 and life will return to normal.

Very best wishes

Rod Wilson

Torbay Rambling Club