More of Memory Lane…

Here are some more shots of Club walks and activities over the past few years, however,  it has been pointed out that the Club has been running many more years than the photobank displays – 70 in fact !  On that note, if anyone has any pictures from further back and would like them included in a very long trip down memory lane here on this website, please email to Karen at, or if you can’t email them, contact the Club via and we can give you an address to post. You may know someone who would have pictures who doesn’t use the internet, if so please put them in touch and we will make every effort to copy and upload some pictures – it would be lovely to see the (black and white?) pictures from the very early days of rambling.

Any photographs provided by post will be treated with utmost care and returned.

Meantime, more shots from the Icloud store for 2013/14.

Stay well, stay safe.