John’s Children in Need Walk – Saturday 27th October

There were 22 walkers on John’s Children in Need walk this Saturday, meeting at the Princess Theatre in Torquay.  A bright but chilly morning for October, as they set off through Torre Abbey Gardens and along Walnut Road, stopping in St. Matthews Park for morning coffee.

The walk then progressed to Cockington.

Although very well known to anyone living in the Bay, not many are aware that Cockington dates back 2500 years to the Iron Age, when there were two hill forts on either side of what is now the Cockington Valley, when the village was founded.

Little was recorded until the remains of a Saxon Village were discovered near The Drum (once an old Ale House) but evidence shows it was primarily a fishing and farming village, owned by Alric the Saxon, later passed down to Roger de Cockington before the estate came to the Carey family and then the Mallock family.

‘Not a lot of people know that’, as Michael once said.

John led the group around the grounds, gardens and footpaths today, noting the well known buildings namely the Cricket Pavillion, The Drum, the old Almshouses and of course Cockington Court.  Also of note, the Dame of Torquay, Agatha Christie, dedicated her novel ‘Why didn’t they ask Evans?’ to Christopher Mallock, the Mallock family being old friends of hers.

Lunch was taken in the Rose Gardens, now managed by Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust,  before the group walked to the sea front again via Cockington Meadows.

John’s quest to raise money for Children in Need was very successful with nearly £70 in total and a good 4 mile walk enjoyed by all, mostly in sunshine on this unusually cold October day.