Carol & John’s Dart Valley Circular – Sunday 9th June

12 walkers met at the Banjo today for Carol and John’s walk on the Dart Valley Trail. The weather was not promising due to heavy drizzle but it soon eased and the temperature rose with the sunshine.

Starting at the Banjo at Kingswear we went down the steps to the boat yard, continued along the path with the railway on our right with views across to Dartmouth. We paused to allow the new (and larger) higher Ferry unload and thenfollowed the road uphill for a few hundred yards before turning right into the woods and following the signs to Dart Valley Trail.

Our tea break was taken in the field at the side of Greenway House after about 4 miles, with lovely views from the old familiar log which has featured so many times in our photo galleries over the years.

We then headed along Greenway drive to take the ferry across to Dittisham, two trips required for our group today. The road from the Quay passes between the Ferry Boat Inn and the Anchorstone Cafe.

We then continued straight up the hill and followed the trail along the edge of the field, once again the views are magnificent as the sun sparkled on the green-blue waters today. We followed the sign for the Old Mill Creek with Dartmouth ahead of us, stopping to enjoy lunch looking down to the creek. This must have been one of the most picturesque lunch spots ever enjoyed by a walking group and the warm sunshine made it perfect.

After lunch we then headed into the woodland and continued through the pine forest to Raleigh Woods.
When we arrived at Old Mill Creek, we crossed the bridge and followed the road uphill to arrive in Townstal, just above the main Dartmouth town and quay side.

We followed the road into Dartmouth which was buzzing on this summer afternoon and we had refreshments at Bayards Cove Inn where everyone relaxed after completing a lovely 11 mile walk.


Carol C