Kens & Jacqui B’s Coleridge Walk – Sunday 16th June

At the Land of Canaan car park in Ottery St Mary sixteen walkers met for a walk led by Ken and Jacqui B.

The walk is related to Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the poet who was born in the town in 1772. Beginning in the park by the poetry stones, which feature Kubla Khan, Coleridge’s masterpiece, we followed the river, stopping by the Pixies Parlour which inspired Coleridge’s poem Song of the Pixies.

We crossed fields, had a rainy coffee stop by the Wiggaton Hump, and then climbed the steep hill to White Cross, where there was a view of sorts. The Coleridge Walk joins the East Devon Way at this point. A lovely woodland walk leads to a descent to more woods and the village of Harpford.

From here we followed the River Otter again, crossing the river twice at Tipton St John. The river path is delightful and led us back to Ottery. The weather was only briefly showery, and so we were all in a reasonably presentable condition when we stopped at the Jack in the Green Pub on the way home for a very convivial hour among the tea pots.

Ken B