Sunday 19th January 2020 – Chris’s Church House Inn Walk


On a bright, sunny morning 16 people set off from Newton Abbot on a walk along the River Lemon and into the rolling hills of the local farmland. It was cold to begin with and icy conditions remained all day presenting a hazard on a few country lanes well into the afternoon. Mostly though, it was simply muddy underfoot.

In Torbryan, I (and perhaps a few others) missed our pints at the Church House Inn. I had known it would be closed due to, what seems to me, an absurd lack of communication with Teignbridge Council about the owner wishing to remove a 1970s concrete floor ( of no historical value) and replacing it with slates. This is a Grade 2* listed 13th century building of considerable historic interest and it is a great shame that the matter has not already been resolved.

Beyond Channings Wood Prison we encountered a few puddles – I call them puddles, but they included one which was some 30 yards in length and of unknown depth in the middle! ( I seem to have a knack of finding such obstacles, for example in my Labrador Bay walk). However, all in all, it was almost ideal weather for a winter walk and showed the countryside in its best light.

Chris H