More Shots from the Club Archive – Celebrating 70 years of TBR Club

We have been fortunate enough to be contacted by Arthur Hart and Mary Gerratt, offering some pictures of times gone by that some of you may recall. Mary’s husband Graham was once Club Chairman and sadly passed away quite recently. Arthur is a lifetime member and also our oldest member having celebrated his 90th birthday in 2013, see last weeks post!

If anyone would like hard copies of any of the pictures, with Arthur and Mary’s permission they can be ordered in 6×4 format at 30p each, or online, free on request. Please email if you are interested,

Meantime, they will be added to the Club archive and here they are for you to enjoy this week.

Any more photos of the Club through the early years would be much appreciated and will be stored electronically in the Club archives. Please email to Karen at  or if you can only post them, please contact to arrange that 07707 193704 – they will be returned.