Peter’s Torquay Walk – Saturday 19th September 2020

17 Walkers met at The Princess Theatre Torquay for this walk.

After a briefing from Rod, our Chairman, on the latest requirements of The Ramblers Association. Peter asked walkers to gather in pods of 5’s and to maintain a social distance between the pods. We collected 4 more Walkers en-route, taking the coastal path from The Imperial Hotel, by which time the weather started to look dubious, towards Meadfoot.

We then headed through Ilsham Valley green towards Kent’s Cavern, then towards Anstey’s Cove, taking the path to Walls Hill.
We progressed to a view point to observe the cruise liners in the Bay. As a bonus it included The Queen Mary II.
The original walk would have taken us on to Babbacombe Downs, but to avoid crowds we did a circle of Walls Hill and returned to The Bishop’s Walk where we viewed engravings on the rocks by the Bishop on his morning walks. We then went on to Thatcher Avenue, for our lunch.
The Sun reappeared as we headed back to Meadfoot and up through Manor Woods, arriving at the back of Torquay Harbour, where we ended the walk.
Peter H