Helen’s Linear Walk from St. Marychurch – Saturday 5th December

21 members took part in Helen’s walk from Sainsburys in St Marychurch, to Sainsburys at the Willows via Brunel Woods and Great Hill.

It was a grey day but the sun did put his hat on during the walk which gave us a good walking day.

Mindful of Covid regulations, we split into 2 groups at the start, the second group being led by Wanda. We walked down to the Teignmouth Rd and turned right to ascend Steep Hill.

Turning left at the top, we took the gate on our right, into Brunel Woods. Here we had a short drinks break under the watchful gaze of Mr. Brunel whose statue now looks a little worse for wear.

Continuing along the lower path through the woods we exited onto the road which we followed downhill to the bottom of the path which climbs up Great Hill. At the top we were greeted by a horse who seemed very glad to have a chat with us.

This is the highest point in Torquay and the site of our reservoir. From here you have panoramic views across the Bay, towards Berry Head and in the other direction distant vistas of Dartmoor.

After a short break we continued along the path, each group taking a separate path. From here we walked through the estate until reaching a track which took us to the Willows. Taking a diversion over what used to be the tip, we descended the steps to M & S and Sainsburys, where this linear walk ended.

Rod W