Membership Due – End Of February 2021

A reminder to all our members that the end of February is the closing date for membership renewal. We are still running the Club and working on a walks and social programme, to start whenever restrictions allow. We have also continued with our annual financial commitments, website maintenance, insurances etc., not to mention the South West Coast Path donation – it will be in need of some repair soon due to the heavy foot traffic over recent months!

So, £7 remains the small annual fee and we would ask that you pay by bank transfer if at all possible, giving your name as the reference. Account details have been sent to members via email. If you do not wish to renew and do not, therefore, make payment by the end of February, we will have to remove your name from email information flow but you can still access this newsletter for as long as you wish.

We look forward to a day when we can all walk together again.

Best wishes  –  Committee