Angela & Susie’s Coastal Walk – Saturday 1st May


11 trusting souls put their faith in two novice leaders for a 7 mile walk from Goodrington beach to Churston Cove and back.  Only 9 actually made it back but that was nothing to do with us!

We couldn’t have had a better morning with sun shining and sea sparkling.  We all know this stretch of coast path has some steep bits to put it mildly, but the sight of all those steps still comes as a shock.

However, our hardy ramblers were up and down like mountain goats and soon descended onto Broadsands beach for coffee. Up through the woods (“Keep the sea on our left” was our novices’ mantra!) and on to Churston for a picnic lunch in the sun.  We had not factored in bank holiday weekend so were somewhat surprised by the number of families on this usually empty beach, and even more so by the pony up to its belly in the sea.  Do ponies swim? Pony seaweed therapy, who knows? We then took a loop through The Grove, lost a couple of weak willed members to the lure of a cream tea at the pub, over the golf course, past the farm with nostalgic farmyard smells and back along the coast path.  And that hill.  Again!

Spring is a great time to do this walk, always lovely but with the trees just in bud you’re able to see through them to the sea all the way through the wood, the bluebells are out and the ground is firm underfoot.  The climbs are good for the heart, the views are good for the soul and the company was just good!

Angela and Susie