Gail’s Wednesday Walk On Dartmoor – 26th May

A late change of cars resulted in the leader leaving her walking boots at home, not a good start to Gail’s walk from Combestone Tor. 9 other walkers arrived and one of them was able to lend a pair of walking sandals to Gail, then we were off!

Leaving the tor, we set off over Holne Moor to the tin workings. Here a life was saved. A sheep had its horns caught in a tree and was in some distress, two of our group were able to free it and one grateful sheep ran free again, off into the wilds of the moor.

A steady descent lead us to Michelcombe and after some spectacular open moor walking surrounded by ponies, we went on to Venford Reservoir.  It was built in 1907 to supply Paignton with water and holds around 198 million gallons, covering an area of 33 acres. It is fed by the Venford Brook, on its way to the River Dart.

An ice-cream van would have been very welcome in the sunshine here,  but it was not to be and after a short rest we set off for the final leg from Combestone Farm, walking along the ‘pipeline’ from the reservoir, back to Combestone Tor and our cars again.  On the way there was an interesting discussion about our favourite tipple and one lady said hers was red wine and lemonade – yes really!

A really lovely walk of 8 miles, with amazing views all day, the sun shone, the skylarks sang and the back marker didn’t lose anyone.

To finish the day, 5 of us had tea and scones at Dartmeet, very welcome. Thank you Gail.

Hilary B