Rod & Maggie’s Cockington Circular – Wednesday 18th August

Eight members convened at the Grand Hotel for Rod & Maggie’s circular walk to Cockington. We wanted to avoid the main road so took the route behind the hotel, over the railway line to Cockington Lane and along Old Mill Road. We joined the main road for a short distance to take a path opposite the old gas works site, into the woods.
When we reached Preston school we paused for a drinks break, before descending to take the footpath through Scadson Woods, then climbed the hill towards Cockington and down to Warren Barn. From here we crossed the road and took the higher path as far as the orchard, where we had lunch.
Having passed through a very busy Cockington Village, we went uphill to Herbert Road and eventually dropped down into Ashfield Gardens. About half of our group had not been here before so we paused to enjoy our surroundings before descending through Chelston and finishing our walk at Torre Abbey.
It had been a warm, sunny day and apart from Cockington village we did not see many people at all. A most enjoyable walk with a different return. On the way we had been met by a chicken on the gas works path and in Chelston by a strange man dressed as a Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper, who frequents the area on his daily runs.
All this and two folks sitting on a seat at Cockington looking as though they had fallen out! You never know what you are missing by not joining our walks!
Rod W