Brixham Battery Museum – Extra Events ! Sunday 26th September & 24th October

We never advertise for profit on our page, but as so many of us have passed the Battery Museum on our route from Broadsands to Brixham, often finding it closed as opening hours are restricted, we felt this free event warranted a mention.

Due to the success of the recent open days in August, no doubt enhanced by glorious weather and our very own Paul Scott entertaining all on his sax with 1940’s music, they have decided to offer additional days on 26th September and 24th October.

Please do visit if you can. It opens at 11am, until 4pm and there are tours of the grounds, the gun floors, the tunnels, as well as talks on weapons and medical equipment and the history of the area. We can guarantee you will see and hear about things you didn’t know existed, yet had walked so close to.

The cheerful volunteers will run a free tea and cake shop, all dressed in 1940’s apparel. There is no charge for entry but donations are desperately needed as the museum struggles for funding and restoration work is urgently needed to preserve this important heritage site.
The cakes alone are scrumptious and the music, of course, is first class!
More details here