Hilary’s Take-Two Remembrance Walk – Wednesday 17th November

It was another bright and sunny day for the second walk of the week to Hamledown Memorial. This time there were 8 of us, a small but select group and because we didn’t have the time constraint of getting to the top of Hameldown by 11 o’clock, we were able to take a more leisurely walk and went along the lane to look at the Torbay Ramblers logo – Bowermans Nose.

Over to Jays Grave and coffee at the stream as usual. Up to the Memorial (see Sundays walk for the information on this and also Jays Grave), along the ridge, pointing out the various tors that we could see and down into Widecombe for lunch. Then up the notorious Bonehill and another 1.5 hours and we were back to the cars.

A great walk, fantastic views, lots of chatter and 9 miles done. Thank you to everyone for coming and making it such a nice day.

Hilary B